Great WordPress Themes for Kids Web Projects

WordPress is a content management system. It is used to simplify the process of managing the content of your website. At first this CMS was mostly used for blogs, but now you barely have limits for applying it. Creating a WP-based project related to kids theme would be quite an interesting decision. This topic is always actual, as parents browse a lot in search of info. What is good, creating such a website ain’t a problem with great wordpress themes.

What are WordPress Themes?

What are WordPress Themes?

To improve the visual looks of your WordPress-based website, you can use different themes. In fact, those are some combinations of files that form the visual part of the website when allocated on your hosting. There are lots of WordPress themes. All of them are divided into categories by website type, price or its absence, and some other criteria. All themes will provide you not only with great design, but also fantastic website management tools.

Along with blog and eCommerce themes you will find a decent bunch of exciting WordPress Themes for Kids. They are extremely bright and often contain some exciting templates of blog post pages. Also, like many other theme types, these ones are SMM-friendly and support numerous plugins that will help you make an easily manageable and user-friendly web project.

WordPress Kids Themes? Come On!

Really, at first it may seem ridiculous — a website in stupid bright colours? Kids don’t use web. Really, using WordPress themes for Children is more reasonable for parents info websites. This could be a nice blog, a web gallery for sharing photos, or even a web page of a birthday events agency. Your imagination is your limit in using bright themes with childish patterns for a website.

For you to see how WordPress Children Themes actually work, we have chosen several great representatives of this sphere. Check them out, and maybe you’ll get even more ideas of how to use a WordPress themes for kids.

1. Petite Melodies WordPress Theme

This great theme is a perfect example of what a blog for kids should be like. It has bright design with toy elements and several smart layouts that will help you make your website diverse and convenient. Moreover, you’ll get many options for HTML editing such as blockquotes, tables, separating lines, etc. And don’t forget about Twitter and Facebook — their stylized icons are also included.

Petite Melodies WordPress Theme

2. The Great Adventure WordPress Theme

Another great WordPress theme that can be used for kids-themed websites. Apart from bright greenish design and some exciting HTML tools you’ll also get several nice widgets included into the package. For instance, you will surely like the Latest Tweets and Image Gallery modules that can be easily installed on the sidebar. And of course, you’ll get a great search engine for your blog powered by The Great Adventure WordPress Theme.

The Great Adventure WordPress Theme

3. Kid’s Voice School WordPress Theme

Still, why not create a website for kids? This theme proves it’s easy and interesting. For instance, you can use it for a school website — it gives you lots of opportunities to develop some extra-curricular activities. You can even make a mini-social-network for kids in your community. And all this is possible with bright, funny and tool-stuffed Kid’s Voice School WordPress Theme.

Kid's Voice School WordPress Theme

4. Cute & Sweet WordPress Theme

Finally, a baby shop theme. We’ve already stated above parents go browsing the web ever more. So, why you think they won’t be looking for some kids products. The niche of eCommerce projects for quite still has enough space for your ideas. With this theme you will get not only lots of good tools for a baby shop, but also light design and some exciting product placement layouts.

Cute & Sweet WordPress Theme

5. Liquid Magazine WordPress Theme

Basically, Liquid Magazine is not a Kids Theme. However, you can use its elements creatively, and turn a website with this amazing theme into anything. Really, you will like the special layout of this theme — it has big blocks with a picture and a small description of a certain blog post. After some adjustments, you can even change the background to something that will match your theme better.

Liquid Magazine WordPress Theme

6. Blissful Blog WordPress Theme

This is a minimalist WordPress theme. You can easily use it for a Mum’s blog, a handmade shops for kids, or just a photo gallery of your child. Several smart elements like the animated slideshow and one-column layout of the start page make Blissful Blog a nice and attractive theme. Also, plain white background will help your readers relax.

Blissful Blog WordPress Theme

7. Simple’n’Bright WordPress Theme

This theme could be a great match for a portfolio of a kids photographer. Really, some widgets included into the package will make such website look really stunning. Moreover, Simple’n’Bright offers you to make your website more personalized by changing numerous shortcodes provided by the developer. Several layout models will also help you make a nice and catchy kids blog.

Simple'n'Bright WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Child Theme?

How to Install a WordPress Child Theme?

So, now you maybe have an image of a potential website. And maybe you even know, which WordPress theme you want to try. But how can you apply it to your website? That’s easy as a pie! Just go to your Admin page, and choose the Themes category in the Appearance tab on the left. In it you will be able to find the theme you like by name, or just use files from a previously downloaded archive.

Now we hope you see it’s possible to make use of WordPress themes for kids. Really, they are bright, and this creates nice mood and a special atmosphere while browsing through the pages. And it’s quite real to make a child-themed website profitable, even if it’s a blog. New Mums and Dads are used to searching info on the web, so why not take the niche? Just be creative, decisive and persistent — these are three important elements on your way to a good website.