Why to Self Host Your Blog is a Must

why to host your blog with paid hostingWith plenty of free hosting solutions for blogs, people continue spending their money on reliable hosting plans. So, what is the secret and what to choose for yourself? Of course, you may know about Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumbrl and many other sites that offer you various services to host your blog for free. They can be a good solution for beginners who just want to check what blogging is about. But if you need something bigger make sure to consider paid hosting plan.

Self-Hosted Blog Advantages to Consider

Free blog is like a scratch to make. However, you can make such a scratch with self hosted blog at once and transfer it to a real project easily. Thus, you will have your own domain name and have the full rights for your blog. There are some other advantages of self-hosted blog to consider. Let’s look through the most important.

1. Add Professional Touch to Your Blog

Your visitors rather prefer blogs with yoursitename.com domain that you get with self-hosted plan than yoursitename.wordpress.com that you will get with free host. It looks more professional and guarantees that the site owners take their business seriously. We all want to get various services or to learn some important information from people who care about it. And a blog with its own domain looks more reliable.

2. Reduce Your Risks Taken

reasons to choose self-hosted blog

It is important to keep your content even if the hosting provider goes down. Just make regular backups and with paid hosting plan you can just move to another host, park your domain or transfer your database.

In case your free blogging service shuts down to transfer your posts can be a difficult task. Of course, some free hosts such as WordPress.com remains to be one of the most stable, but there are also such free hosts as Vox for example, that shut down recently.

3. Feel Like a King – Enjoy Full Control

It is your kingdom and you can do whatever you want with your self-hosted blog. While for example, with WordPress.com free hosting you are not able to place ads or post paid reviews. You are limited with plugins allowed to install as well as theme customization. To take advantage of WordPress you need to install this script choosing some of paid hosting solutions. What is more, it can be done within several clicks. Only now you can manage your blog as you like.

4. Full Rights to Appreciate

You can build a great blog with plenty of visitors and excellent reputation… but just have no time or interest in continuing your work. With free hosting you have no rights for your blog and all you can do is just abandon your work. With self-hosted blog you can sell it making some profits. In other words, your work will never be useless and brings you advantages in some or another way.

5. Build a Site to Make Your Blog Something Bigger

Self-hosted blog provides you with plenty of features to appreciate and make your blog more popular. If you have active readers and need to create a community portal to allow them to share their thoughts and opinions, just install some of forum scripts provided by your host.

You also can expand your blog anytime you want and add shopping cart option to sell goods online. On the whole, with self-hosted blog there are a wide range of opportunities to improve your blog. Now it is high time to choose the most appropriate hosting plan for your blog with all the necessary features included for affordable price.