What is cPanel for PHP Hosting?

How to Choose CPanel PHP Hosting

Any hosting package requires good administering and support. The instruments used for simplifying the process of hosting administration are called Control Panels. One of the most popular control panels provided with many PHP hosting plans is cPanel.

The convenient cPanel helps you solve a lot of tasks connected with web hosting and your site. To manage your hosting functions use cPanel for checking hosting statistics, number of site visitors, level of server load, or even managing all domains you have, etc.

You will like cPanel for many instruments helping to manage your site or even several ones. For instance, you can add different applications or modules to a web page by making only a couple of clicks in cPanel. Also, this instrument has many free galleries and ready solutions. All-in-all, you can create a web page from nothing if you purchased cPanel PHP Hosting.

How to Use cPanel?

To use cPanel you only need a web browser and stable Internet connection. To start the work you only need to login on a special web page, and all marvelous functions of this control panel will be in your hands! One of the best things about cPanel is that you’ll get an incredibly convenient interface. All important functions are grouped well and let you navigate with great ease.

CPanel PHP Hosting Advantages

Purchase CPanel PHP Hosting

The advantages of cPanel make it one of the most popular instruments for managing hosting and web sites. The first of these advantages is that it’s absolutely free. CPanel doesn’t influence the total price of web hosting package, and that’s why many providers include it into the initial services you get with their hosting. Of course, you can purchase additional modules for extra fee, but the free version is enough to complete almost any task.

Another advantage of cPanel is that it has a convenient interface. We’ve already stated that all modules are grouped thematically and can be found without any problem. Many web masters like cPanel for its ready solutions of high quality.

All instruments you can find at cPanel have already been tested by thousands of customers, so you can rely on them without any worries. For instance, you can create a really good online shop with all basic instruments from scratch.

Instruments of CPanel for PHP Hosting

As we have already said, the instruments of cPanel can be subdivided into two main groups – those for managing hosting and those for developing a web site. Hosting instruments include server statistics, domains management, hosting-related site management, etc. Also, with cPanel PHP Hosting you can install different content management systems to your site – WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, etc.

If you want to add a new module to a site, cPanel will help you do this in a couple of moments. A vast gallery of ready solutions is all yours – contact pages, payment applications, blogs, e-commerce tools, and many other things. With cPanel you can create an excellent web site from nothing, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a wiki, an online shop or a photo sharing site.