Unique IP Address — Do You Need It?

Many people have heard about IP addresses, but only few know what they are, and how they function. Long story short, IP address is an encoded location of a certain gadget operating in the Internet. Sounds quite queer, but this term is probably the most basic. Really, even now you are using the Web through a server that has a certain IP address. The principle is easy — every time you enter a domain name, your web browser first of all matches a domain name to a certain IP address.

IP Address Types

IP Address Types

There are two main classifications for dividing IP addresses into groups. The first of them is connected with Internet Protocol version. Currently, most addresses on the web use IPv4, however by now the resource of this protocol is already exhausted, and the more up-to-date IPv6 is introduced. The latter has improved the capacity of the Internet a lot, but now it’s still not so widespread. IPv6 is mainly used for desktops and servers.

The other classification of IP adrdesses is related with the amount of users they host. Most websites use a shared IP address, i.e. there’re several other projects running along with them. Thus, if one of those projects gets blocked or blacklisted, all other “neighbours” are off as well. This is quite dangerous, but there’s an alternative solution, of course. You can purchase a unique IP address, and this will add much security to your project.

How Unique IP Addresses Work?

Getting a unique IP address is good not only in terms of security. For instance, if you have an eCommerce project, it’s much better to have a unique IP, as it will prove your reliability. Moreover, several studies have proved that in 90% of cases search engines show websites with dedicated IPs higher in search results.

Dedicated IP — Choose or Not?

So, is a unique IP really worth the game? Of course, there are many advantages. We’ve already enumerated some of them — security, reliability, SEO bonuses, etc. However, are there any disadvantages? Well, the answer is simple — no. Even the price, which is usually a disadvantage, is quite moderate for a unique IP. Really, the fees vary between $25 and $100, which is quite adequate for the advantages you get.

How to Purchase Unique IP Address?

How to Purchase Unique IP Address?

So, if you’ve decided to purchase a unique IP address, it won’t take you much effort. You just have to contact a web host company, and ask them to arrange it. As we’ve stated above, it will cost you extra $25-$100, and that’s it. But please, pay attention to the freshness of the IP address you get, because it may be “recycled” after the previous owner was blacklisted or blocked.

Remember, only round 3% of all websites in the world run on unique IP addresses. If you want to join this small group of extra-secure and reliable web projects, get it, and your website will be doomed to success!