Transfer Your Blog to New PHP Hosting Easily

transfer WordPress blog to another serverTo transfer your WordPress blog to another host or server is a task that requires some time and knowledge.

Everything is quite simple when you learn some basics that help you. Otherwise, it can be confusing if you have no technical skills.

So, if you are not satisfied with the service provided by your host or just need better hosting plan for your developing website, change and upgrade easily.

Step by Step Guide to Switch for Another PHP Host

It is important to follow the following instructions step by step. Read all the recommendations and tips to transfer your blog. Using this guidance you can transfer your blog from one hosting company to another, upgrade your hosting plan as well as transfer your blog from a host to your own dedicated server.

Back Up WordPress Database

First of all, you need to back up your data and files. Enter PhpMyAdmin in your control panel, log in and click on the database you need to back up. Then click “Export” and perform the following steps with the object appeared:

1. Export box – check whether all the tables are highlighted (if not, click “Select All”)
2. Options box – select the following options

  • Add AUTO_INCREMENT value
  • Enclose table and field names with backquotes
  • Complete inserts
  • Use Hexadecimal for BLOB

3. Go to the bottom of the screen and select “Save as file”, type a file name that correlates to your website. Click “Go”.

That’s it. Your database is backed up.

Use FTP to Transfer Your Files

You can use FTP client provided by your host or choose any free service available on the Internet. There are too many ways to perform this task so it is useless to create a step by step guide for you in this section. Just use some FTP client for example, FileZilla or any you like and transfer your files.

Create a New Database

transfer your blog to another host

When the new host account is set and you get access to cPanel control panel, you need to create a new MySQL database to transfer all your data from your previous site. This task is very simple and is similar within various control panels offered by host companies.

  • 1. Choose “MySQL database wizard” in your control panel
  • 2. Enter a database name
  • 3. Enter username and password
  • 4. Make sure to select “All Privileges”

That’s all. Write down your username, password and database name somewhere to refer in case you forget them. Of course, you have a great memory, but do this like a next step of this task.

Modify the WPCONFIG.php File

When all your WordPress files are copied to a new server, you need to modify WPCONFIG.php entering a new database information such as new username, database name, database password and database host. Enter Cpanel to follow the next steps:

  • 1. Click on “File Manager”
  • 2. Choose “Web Root”, select “Show Hidden Files”
  • 3. Find WPCONFIG.php within the file manager and click on the mouses right button to select “Edit”
  • 4. Now change the above mentioned information in the file (username, database name, database password and database host)
  • 5. Save Changes to the file

There is also Charset Value in the WPCONFIG.php file. It should match the value of your old database to work correctly.

How to Import New Database

This can be the most important task to perform. Without data and tables transferred from the previous database, your new website won’t work. There are two options to complete this task. Everything depends on the size of your database. If it is larger than 10MB you need to use extra software. If your database backup is less than 10MB you can use PhpMyAdmin. However, the recent version of PhpMyAdmin can also be used to import database backup that is under 100MB. So, maybe the first option will be quite enough for you.

If Your Database is Under 10MB

To complete import of your database you need to enter Cpanel, click PhpMyAdmin and log in.

  • 1. Select a database you created earlier
  • 2. Click “Import”
  • 3. Click “Browse” to find the database back up that is saved to your local drive
  • 4. Click “Go”

That’s all. It allows you to import database more than 10MB and even up to 100MB.

If Your Database is Over 10MB

To transfer your WordPress you can use some very useful tools. For example, BigDump. Just follow the next steps:

  • 1. Use “File Manager” in your Cpanel to create a temporary folder
  • 2. Upload bigdump.php and your database backup into this temporary folder
  • 3. Edit bigdump.php as if you edit WPCONFIG.php (see the section above)
  • 4. Load bigdump.php in your browser (just enter
  • 5. You’ll see BigDump menu with your database backup included
  • 6. Click “Start Import”
  • The important thing to consider is that the encoding within the bigdump.php file matches the original database. Otherwise, you’ll just see strange characters over your website.

    Change Your Nameservers

    Sometimes you need to change your Nameservers, sometimes you can continue using the same Nameservers with your domain registrar just making some modifications on your new server or host. Some people suggest to change Nameserves earlier in the process of your website transferring. However, there can be some issues with DNS on your server, so perform these changes later.