Top Website Control Panels to Consider

tips to choose control panel for your web hostingChoosing the best hosting plan don’t forget to pay attention to control panel you are offered to work with. Easy-to-navigate and user-friendly control panel will definitely save your time, that means it saves your money.

There are a wide range of control panels available, however, most trusted web hosting providers are consistent in their choice. We offer you to choose among the most popular four control panels that are appreciated by numerous users worldwide.

Compare and Choose the Best Control Panel for Your Hosting

Sometimes the availability of control panel may influence your choice. Most web hosting companies offer you to use cPanel that is considered to be the most popular. You also can find hosts that offer you to use their own control panels. Is it worth your attention at all?

We offer you to compare such popular control panels as Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Hsphere. Of course, there are plenty of other control panels listed in the web hosting plans. For example, you can meet such control panels as vDeck, Kloxo or Webmin to name just a few.


cpanel, plesk, directadmin - what is better

cPanel is the most popular control panel now. You will appreciated neat interface that is easy-to-navigate and provides you with all the necessary features to manage and maintain your website.

cPanel also includes a great collection of various scripts – Fantastico. With its help you can create a blog, forum, shopping cart or web portal within several clicks of mouse. On the whole, point-and-click interface makes the whole process of site managing easy. This control panel is appreciate by system administrators who can manage every aspect of the server with it as well as by users who like its simplicity.


Plesk interface looks like Windows XP. It is advanced control panel that offers you clustering support that is better if compare with the above mentioned cPanel. Clustering means multiple servers to perform different tasks. For example, one server does HTTP, other does email and the third server does MySQL.

Plesk has four login levels with different roles and responsibilities. Thus, you can log in as Administrator, Domain Owner, Client/Resell or Mail User. Plesk control panel is a bit confusing than cPanel. Maybe that’s why it is not so popular. On the whole, end user as well as the system admin have a lot to learn before start using Plesk at the utmost.


DirectAdmin doesn’t look as neatly designed as cPanel, for example. Anyway, its interface is easy-to-use. What is more, this control panel can be called the most easiest among all others.

DirectAdmin also provides you with stability and fast speed. On the whole, DirectAdmin is offered by cheap web hosts because of the flexible costing plans of this control panel.


Hsphere is available for Linux and Windows platforms and can work with Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. This control panel is well-known for its advanced features. It offers you scalable multiserver cluster setups as well as many other options to take advantage. However, with too many advanced features that are not necessary for most users, Hspehere can seem to be the most difficult control panel to use.

According to various polls, cPanel wins the battle for sure. Some users hate Plesk, others suppose that cPanel has too many features that are just useless. Anyway, cPanel is considered to be simple to use with a lot of options that makes it the number 1 among control panels offered.