Top 20 WordPress E-Commerce Themes

WordPress Platform for E-Commerce

Since its appearance, WordPress has changed a lot. Till now it stays a perfect blogging platform, but new developments and improvements have made it possible to use WordPress for other purposes, too. One of the most interesting type of web sites you can make using WordPress is eCommerce. Mainly these are online shops, so if you are planning to start one, WordPress will seriously help you with it.

How to Choose WordPress E-Commerce Themes?

WordPress is one of the best ways to create a fresh-looking web site fast. You only need to install special software on your server, and then choose the theme you like. Different WordPress themes are created for different site types. Among them you can also find a broad list of eCommerce options. These will include shopping carts modules, instruments for comparing prices, etc. All you need to do is choose the skin you like.

Try Best WordPress Themes

There are lots of e-commerce WordPress themes. You can even find some created specially for certain types of online shops. This is possible, for instance, with clothing, cosmetics, gadgets and even travel projects. Specialized themes provide you with all necessary instruments you need exactly for your business.

Top-20 WordPress Themes for E-Commerce

Top-20 WordPress Themes for E-Commerce

Check our chart. We tried to put into it the best eCommerce themes available for today.

  1. Commerce
  2. Enfinity
  3. The Clothes Shop
  4. Sliding
  5. Handmade
  6. Sport and Grunge
  7. Sofa Suppastore
  8. Cherry
  9. Boutique
  10. Shelflife
  11. Diesel Clothing
  12. WP Flexistore
  13. Child Care
  14. Kauri
  15. Rustik
  16. E-Store
  17. Travel Island
  18. Camp
  19. FreshShop
  20. Kelontong

Flexible or Fixed WordPress Theme?

Many eCommerce themes from our chart are flexible. Flexible themes can accustom to different screen widths, depending on the client’s device. Indeed, flexible themes are better, especially in our times of fast-growing mobile device industry. However, you know your target audience better, so if there’s a certain fixed theme and your potential clients mainly use PCs or laptops, don’t hesitate and install the fixed theme you like!

How to Get E-Commerce WordPress Themes?

How to Get E-Commerce WordPress Themes?

In our chart you can find several free e-commerce WordPress themes, though normally you have to pay for them. Usually, the price for a top-class themes varies between $50 and $60, though you can find other options, too. It’s up to you to decide, if to install a paid eCommerce WordPress theme. You can find many decent free themes on the web without any problem.

It is very important to check the set of theme functions and available modules you’ll get. Some offers, though looking really luxurious, don’t have some important tools that your online shop may need. But don’t get disappointed if this happens — you can also find special plug-ins that will add any necessary function to your web page. Or your coder can create an all-new exclusive plug-in (or even a theme) for you.