Linux vs. Windows PHP Hosting

Sometimes in your life there comes a moment when you decide to create a web project. That’s where you start to think about many important services including web hosting. And after some research it turns out that it’s not that easy to make the choice. You have lots of offers, all of them are different, and you really don’t know, which features you may need for your website.

Hosting Types

Hosting Types

So, let’s start. There are several categories that divide web hosting into classes. First of all, you have to think about the operating system you need. Two main options to choose from are Windows and Linux. Please, be careful with this dilemma, as it will define many website development issues in future.

Only after deciding on which platform your hosting will run, you can pay attention to some other details like web hosting packages, control panel, various technologies support, etc. If you’re not a webmaster, we would advise you to turn to the company that will develop your website. They will explain you, what to opt for, and why that will be better for your website.

All You Need To Know About Linux PHP Hosting

Linux hosting is dominant at the market. No wonder — there are lots of advantages you will like. First of all, it has an open source development model, so it’s cheaper due to the absence of license fees. Another great fact is that the system is really flexible — you can do lots of fine adjustments that will make your web project run really well.

What most developers like about Linux servers is MySQL and PHP support. Really, they make a great couple. Basically, if you speak about any web hosting with support for PHP scripts, you speak about Linux packages. There’s no need to tell you how good PHP is — you must have heard about it a lot, which actually means it’s really popular and useful.

What is Windows Hosting, and How It Works?

Windows hosting is the most popular competitor of Linux platform. It costs more, but most experts claim Windows is better for working with big databases and some extra high levels of security. Also, as an alternative to PHP, Windows servers work with ASP.NET scripts. However, if PHP is critically important for your web project, you can find several nice tools that adapt Windows-powered hosting to PHP scripts.

Linux or Windows — What to Choose?

Linux or Windows — What to Choose?

So, Windows or Linux — that is the question. As you have already understood, if you need PHP hosting, purchasing a Linux-based package is more logical. Apart from PHP support, you’ll get many other advantages, too. However, if you need your hosting to be extra secure and productive in terms of big databases, Windows would be a perfect choice — even the PHP support issue can be easily resolved.