How to Create Micro Blogs Within WordPress

Have you ever heard about microblogs? They are compact and user-friendly content sharing systems. The main feature of microblogs is a certain volume limit. This is both good and bad — many sites of the kind allow you to share only several types of content, though in most cases they don’t distinct much from full-fledged blogs. The main tidbit of micro blogs is the briefness. Try this extremely exciting format, and you’ll see that the less you say, the more sense your words have.

How to Start a Microblog?

There are two main paths you can choose for creating a micro blog. The first one is starting your personal page on an existing platform. The other one is to create a hosting-based website, and design it as a micro blog. For sure, if you are new to blogging, the first option would serve you really well. How to Start a Microblog?There are lots of tried-and-proved platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Jux or Posterous Spaces. All of them have some exciting features that will help you understand the idea of micro blogging.

However, if your goal is a really unique and well-personalized microblog, the self-hosted format is a must. Moreover, this option will help you commercialize your posts really well. Also, you’ll have no restrictions — share any content you like! Apart from great design and sharing opportunities, you’ll also get numerous plugins that can help you with website promotion and usability a lot.

WordPress and Microblogs — How It Works?

One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress. The good this is you can use it as a Content Management System for a self-hosted blog. This platform was initially created for blogs, and now they offer hundreds of important functions highly valued by bloggers all over the world. To start a micro blog on WordPress you don’t need anything complicated, especially if you’re a webmaster.

How to Make a Good Micro Blog for WordPress?

There are several methods of creating a WP-hosted microblog. First of all, you can develop it yourself. If you’re not too skilled in web design, use some tutorials, and How to Make a Good Micro Blog for WordPress?make a nice blog with great visual design and some basic functions. If you’re an experienced webmaster, just do it! Or you can of course purchase webmaster’s services. This may cost you a penny, but you’ll get a good result quickly.

No matter, which path for site creation you’ll choose, define the main functions of your microblog. It can even run along with a regular, full-fledged blog. Remember that sharing actual info fast should also be convenient. So, do your best to create good tools for operative content publishing. Probably, one of the best advice here would be making the site mobile-friendly. It doesn’t cost much — you’ll only need a responsive WordPress theme, or a couple of good plugins.

Most bloggers say that the main idea of micro blogs is sharing fresh photos and brief texts, comments or quotes. However, you are always free to use them for other purposes. The only thing, make sure search engines index the information from your micro blog — it will help you monetize the content in future. To sum it all up, we’ll just say: “Be creative and remember – sky is the limit”! Your blog is your territory, so do your best to be really unique.