How to Add Sharing Buttons to Your Blog

How to Add Sharing Buttons to Your Blog

Do you have a cool blog? Nowadays it’s not enough to be really successful. You have to promote your ideas, make them popular and available for wide audiences. Don’t be afraid — this is not that hard to do. One of the most efficient and popular ways to promote your blog is to use Social Media Management, or just SMM. This powerful tool is used by 99% of bloggers, and it has proved to be extremely efficient.

So, what can contribute to your success in social media? You can become popular due to high quality content, great blog design, advanced usability. However, to promote all those great features of your blog you need social media. Surely, in the modern world, people share interesting information rather over Facebook and Twitter than orally.

How to Use Social Sharing Buttons?

Social sharing buttons are one of the best and easiest SMM tools. They allow readers share your content if they like it. Basically, this is an automatic tool — you install it just once, and it works for you for a long time. Also, social sharing buttons often have special design and animations, which makes them specially attractive.

How to Use Social Sharing Buttons?

The process of adding social sharing buttons to your blog may require serious effort. However, if you have a blog running on WordPress, Joomla or some other content management system, it’ll be easy as a pie. The thing is, CMSs allow you to use special add-ons for installing respective buttons on the sidebars of your blog.

Wordpress, being one of the most trendy CMSs, offers to try lots of social button styles represented by different plugins. The options vary between minimalist black circles and “sexy” animated icons. Apart from great designs most social sharing plugins will give you additional important functions like built-in “like” counters, or tagging your blog account in readers’ mentions.

Finally, how can you install a social buttons add-on to your hosting-based CMS? Just browse some plugin reviews on the web, and choose the one you like most. This important step is followed only by the standard plugin installation procedure. Usually, you can use the admin interface of your CMS to do that. If you’ve never installed a plugin before, you will find lots of good step-by-step tutorials on the web.

Extra Great SMM Tips

Do you want more? OK, folks! Apart from social sharing buttons, there are more useful SMM tools in our stock. Probably, one of the best advice is to make your blog mobile-friendly. It’s commonly approved that mobile users share info in social media more often. Also, it’s not hard — especially, if you use WP. Just get another plugin like WP Touch, or try a mobile-friendly CMS template!

Another trendy way to improve your SMM is to add a sticky bar to your blog. These bars have recently proved to be extremely efficient. They allow you to add the most important tools of your blog (including sharing buttons) to a special stripe that will stay on readers’ screen even while scrolling. The efficiency of this tool has been proved by many web giants including Google, Twitter and Facebook.

So, as you see, there are lots of ways to promote your blog on the web. Just remember that it is important not only to create quality content, but to create it for sharing info with people. It’s obvious — if you have few readers, your work won’t be efficient and rewarding. We’ve given you some tips on a good tool — SMM, however you are free to use your imagination, and promote your blog in any particular way that can result in new readers.