Free WordPress Blog vs Self-Hosted Blog – Which is Better

choose self-hosted or free blogTo pay or not to pay. This is the first question we need to ask deciding to start our own WordPress blog. Everything depends on your needs. If you want to create a blog to your heart content and for your friends pleasure, choose free option without hesitation. If you want to earn some profits, self-hosted blog will be better solution.

But what to do if you just want to try your destiny, check your skills and maybe it will lead to great earnings in the future, but not now? Let’s try to make a decision learning more about the main differences between free blog and WordPress blog hosted with some hosting company.

Compare and Choose PHP Blog Hosting Plan

To obtain free WordPress blog is easy. You just need to sign up for it at Choose some catchy and smart username that becomes your blog name. For example, if you have a username SunShine, you will have free blog.

You have no rights for your free blog. You can’t transfer it or resell. All you can do is to write a content to express your emotions and promote your ideas.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is your own blog with its own domain name. You host it with some hosting company and pay for hosting plan chosen. Most hosting companies include all the necessary scripts such as WordPress in the hosting plans. All you need is to install WordPress software within several clicks and start managing your blog easily.

This time the blog is yours. It means you have a domain and can sell, transfer to another host or put any information you like (such as ads, for example). More freedom for your cash.

Free WordPress Blog Pros and Cons

cons and pros of self-hosted and free blog

Anyway, there are other advantages and drawbacks to consider. Let’s start with free blog features provided.


setup is free

no installation needed (WordPress has done it for you)

system maintenance (backups, upgrades, security) also performed by WordPress

reliable servers

extra traffic from the community


are not able to update PHP code if you want to add new features

cannot upload any plugins

no ads allowed (WordPress places its own ads on your blog)

you are not the owner of the content (can lose it any time, can’t resell your blog)

In other words, free blog provides you with platform where you can express your thoughts and communicate with large WordPress community. Of course, you can use it for your business improvement but be aware of various difficulties concerning content ownership and ads placement.

Standalone WordPress Blog Advantages and Drawbacks

Before choosing PHP hosting plan with WordPress script included check all the things you may not like.


allowed to upload custom made WordPress themes

can edit PHP code to create a site of your dreams

can add plugins (there are plenty of plugins concerning anything including marketing, security, backups or traffic generation)

can add your own ads to earn money

you have your own domain name to promote your brand

FTP access to your blog


need to install WordPress on your own (it is not a problem with a host providing you with special scripts)

hosting fees ($5 – $10 per month)

have to do site maintenance (spam control, backups, etc. Plugins help you a lot.)

take your time to find a reliable server

As you can see, self-hosted WordPress blog provides you with more opportunities to earn profits and more freedom to manage your site. Place ads, use various themes and plugins and get your own domain that looks more professional. It may take time to setup various options for your blog, but this time you are free to do anything you wish. Even resell your blog when become tired of it. So, if you want to monetize your blog, choose self-hosted blog solution.