How to Choose PHP Hosting for Your Blog

With plenty of open sources blog platforms to start blogging can everyone. Anyway even with user-friendly scripts, blog requires your time, efforts and money. Define whether you want to earn profits, present a good mood to your friends and family or just need some place to express your emotions with the whole world. Rely on your needs and expectations to find the best blog hosting solution. Here are the main things to think about:

  • goals of your blogging activity
  • content management system that is pleasant to work with
  • budget you can spend

Now all the goals are set, all money are count, dreams seem to become true. Take a deep breath to make the first step on your way to immense popularity in the online world.

Paid or Free Blog Hosting – Options to Consider

php blog hosting to buy

Today you can start blogging absolutely free or choose a reliable blog host to have your own website. What is the difference? With free blog platforms you need no cash to spend. Just create an account and start writing to publish your thoughts and experience.

There are even special services that allow you to create a blog with email only. No scripts, no applications to learn. Just write your post and send email to special service to publish it. Everything seems to be simple and perfect. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. For example, your blog can be deleted without notice. That’s why to have your own website can be more advantageous. Sometimes it is better to spend some bucks to be sure that your content won’t disappear one day.

Blog Platform to Use

Choosing PHP hosting for your blog you can select among various supported scripts including various content management systems. The most popular among them are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These are open source scripts that are integrated in most web hosting plans. Those who want to enjoy free blogging can choose the most popular platform – Blogspot. Let’s find out the differences.

WordPress Blog Hosting

Simple and smart. These are the key features of WordPress. It is considered to be the best solution for blogs as well as for small static websites. With over 12,000 plugins, fantastic themes and easy-to-use menu, WordPress remains to be the number one in the world of blogging. If you are beginner, WordPress is definitely for you.

Blogspot PHP Hosting

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Offered by Blogger of Google, Blogspot hosting is the most reliable free host. Using this service you can run a blog only. Note that if Blogger receive some complaints concerning the content on your site, your blog can be shut down. The other thing to consider is that blog hosted with Blogspot may be a little slow to load. That will influence your popularity just because visitors won’t wait for a long and switch to another blog. Anyway, this solution is absolutely free.

Joomla Blog Hosting

Joomla is another open source content management system available. You can upload it on your own or choose web hosting plan with Joomla script included. With point-and-click interface, Joomla is easy to work with. Joomla offers over 6,000 extensions and plenty of themes to create a magnetic web design. Make your blog easy-to-navigate and pleasant to read with various features provided by Joomla. Being simple to use, Joomla still has a vast community where you can find answers on various issues.

What to Choose for Your Blog

Your needs. It is all about them. If you want to practice for a while and just to have fun, free blog host will be enough. If you want to create a blog with some purpose (to earn money, to promote your product, to become well-known in some niche, etc.) to choose web hosting company with reliable hosting plan can be the best solution. Today you can host your blog for affordable price. And in this case you have your own website that you can transfer to any web host any time.