What for? This is the first question you need to ask yourself when decide which PHP hosting plan to choose. You can create a personal site to practice with web programs or need to share your video and photos with the rest of the world or you just developing a new branch in your large business to promote.

Best PHP Web Hosting Sites

Rank Provider Price Disk Space Bandwidth Domain Review Sign Up
1 Hostgator
$4.95 Unlimited Unlimited $15.00 Review Sign Up
2 Justhost
$3.45 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
3 Arvixe Hosting
$4.00 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up
4 InMotion Hosting
$3.00 100 Gb 1,000 Gb FREE Review Sign Up
5 Mochahost Hosting
$2.63 Unlimited Unlimited FREE Review Sign Up

Best cPanel Web Hosting Sites


cPanel hosting is any web hosting package that includes cPanel as the hosting control panel. A Graphical interface of cPanel makes it much easier for you to manage your web site even if you are a beginner. Using cPanel you can manage your e-mail and FTP accounts, your web site files, MySQL databases and you can even check the statistics of your web site. The statistics includes the number of visitors, their countries, time of visit, IP addresses and much more. cPanel works great with dynamic web sites created with PHP.

You can use cPanel on servers with any operating system. It works well on Windows and Linux servers. You can use cPanel with any type of hosting. Dedicated, VPS or shared web hosting packages can include cPanel on your request.

Every web hosting offers you a restricted amount of disc space. The more disc space you get, the higher price you pay. Since shared and VPS hosting packages offer you a lesser amount than dedicated servers, it is more preferable to host large web projects on dedicated servers. If you have large web projects, dedicated server will be the best option in terms of unlimited bandwidth. Your web pages will be fast and always available.

If you are a beginner opt for shared hosting plans. If your web site is not very big, check shared hosting plans and choose the one that can meet all your needs. VPS is a great option for fast-paced web projects. If you have an ambition to enlarge your web site, to increase the database and you will need extra resources for this, opt for VPS.

Top PHP Hosting Plans with cPanel

If you have a dynamic Web site developed with PHP, you can choose almost any type of hosting. Web pages developed with PHP are compatible with any operating system including Linux and Windows. However, PHP works more efficient on Linux servers. PHP is an open source universal scripting language used for dynamic web sites. Many large famous web sites including Facebook and Wikipedia are written in PHP.

PHP is fast, free and easy to use. It is a great option is you want to extend your web. Since PHP creates dynamic web sites, it allows you to add more content without harming the codes and the previous files. PHP is well compatible with MySQL database and cPanel.

Choosing PHP hosting, first of all you have to consider the size and the goals of your web project. And of course your budget, but remember good hosting is not always the expensive one. The hosting price can depend on many factors: equipment, disc space, and of course, the technical support service. Good support costs fair price.

It won’t cost you much effort to get the best hosting plan for your web site. The main thing to define is the goals of your project, the resources it might require and the price you are ready to play. Good hosting will cost you a penny whether it is shared, dedicated or VPS. Of course, each of them features different prices depending on the amount of resources you require. Technical support is one of the most important factors that define a good hosting company.

As your web site grows, it’s really important to extend the resources on your server. If till now you were using shared hosting, it’s time to think about changing a hosting plan. It is important to increase the amount of the resources for better performance of your web project. You can choose among VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

VPS hosting is one of the best options if your are planing to grow out of the shared server. Unlike shared servers, VPS offers you full independence on your own separate machine. The main difference between VPS and dedicated server, is the amount of resources and price. In most cases dedicated servers offer you more resources including disc space and bandwidth, but the fee will be also higher.

Unlike shared server, VPS allows you much more control. You can install any software and perform any changes without influencing the performance of other web sites. Since VPS provides you with the restricted amount of resources that belong only to you, you don’t have to worry about the loading speed of your web site. Web sites hosted on shared server share the resources and each site can influence the performance of your own web project.

VPS is a great alternative to both shared and dedicated hosting plans, since it bridges the gap between them. VPS will grant you flexibility and independence of a dedicated server combined with a price of a good shared hosting plane.

While problems with one web site can make the whole shared server go down, dedicated server will never fail. Since you have all the resources and IP address under your control only, you are totally independent and secure. Dedicated server will suit the needs of a large web project. Dedicated server is probably the most expensive hosting type. The price, however, can depend on your package.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting will cost you less than a managed one, however, it might add you some headache. It might appear difficult to manage your server if you do not have any experience and certain skills in this area. In this case you will have either to hire a person who can do it for you or opt for managed dedicated hosting packages.

Should you prefer managed dedicated server, the hosting company will run it for you in the best way. Choose trusted server providers and you will never have to worry about the performance of your server.

Remember that the price of your hosting also depends on the operating system of your server. It can be either Linux, Windows or other. It is possible to find affordable Windows hosting packages, however Linux, as a free and open source software, tends to be far more affordable than Windows. Apart from that, PHP and cPanel work much better on Linux servers.

Once you made up your mind about your future hosting company, feel free to contact a customer support service. Any reputable hosting company will care about your needs and the quality of its own services. A worthy hosting company provides a professional customer support round the clock. It must be fast, efficient and easy available via e-mail, phone, or instant online chat.

PHP cPanel Hosting Reviews

Make the best decision after reading and comparing PHP cPanel hosting reviews. Choose the package that suits your needs and budget. Find PHP cPanel hosting reviews you can trust. Read more about different shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting packages.

Linux cPanel Hosting Sites

To choose a reliable hosting provider, check the reviews of different hosting web sites, compare packages and prices. Learn about the reputation from customers’ comments and if possible, check the sites hosted by your potential hosting company. Make sure that your hosting package provides cPanel, because sometimes they can offer different control panels.

Cheap PHP cPanel Hosting

Choosing among PHP hosting plans, first choose the operating system of your server. It can be Windows or Linux.

Then decide what type of hosting you need. Shared PHP hosting is really well-suitable for smaller Web projects with restricted budget. It is the cheapest hosting variant but definitely not the worst one. While choosing shared hosting you must make sure that the hosting company provides good technical support. You can also find free hosting plans but in this case the hosting company will ask you to place their advertisement on your web pages.

Shared PHP cPanel hosting plans are the most affordable solution in case your web site does not require much resources. You will share the server and it’s resources with other web sites. But also you will share the costs. A dependable shared hosting includes efficient technical support via e-mail, free online live chats, forums etc. Note that dependable hosting companies have somewhat higher prices because of a professional support service. It is highly recommended to test the technical support before buying a web hosting plan. Efficient technical support is one of the major conditions that guarantee the uptime of your Web site.

Main reasons to choose shared web hosting:

  • Good option for small web projects
  • Comparatively low price
  • Good option for beginners
  • Own domain name

Main reasons to NOT to choose shared web hosting:

  • Slower processing and loading of web pages
  • A possibility of bad neighborhood
  • More server crashes
  • Bandwidth restriction

Bandwidth is the quantity of data transferred at once. The less bandwidth you have, the longer it takes to process and load your web site irrespective of your visitor’s Internet speed. Don’t forget your client’s appreciate their time and you don’t want to make them wait. Shared hosting plans provide restrictions on bandwidth and so if your host offers a small amount of bandwidth, you risk to get your web site unavailable very often. This can be caused by using more bandwidth for data transfer than you are allowed. Cheap hosting plans with a small restricted amount of bandwidth is acceptable in case you have a simple web site. In this case you can save lots of money. Read reviews of different trusted hosting companies and make the right choice for your future web project.