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How to install WordPress Manually

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Today if your project has no website, you lose a lot of potential customers. Ever more people tend to shop and search for information online. This opens before you a great opportunity to sell your products, or even knowledge. The ways to start working online are numerous — this can be a blog, an eCommerce […]

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Dedicated vs VPS vs Shared Hosting — How to Choose?

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In the modern world web technologies have become a regular thing. That’s why there’s no wonder if you’ve decided to create your own website. No matter if it will be a blog, an eCommerce project or something else. A website is a great way to bring your information to thousands of people. One of the […]

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How to Build an E-Commerce Website Using WordPress

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10 years ago you would hardly imagine how easy it can be to buy a product online. Today the Web is full of e-commerce projects suggesting you to buy this or that. However, not all niches are occupied till now. If you want to sell your unique product, or create an online version of your […]

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Categories vs Tags – SEO Best Practices

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Today having a personal website is not chic anymore. Numerous platforms let you create a startup project from scratch, and develop it really fast. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a good way to promote your project online. There are many tools you can use for SEO, and many of them are related with the […]

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Top 10 Useful WordPress Plugins

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Nowadays online technologies develop at incredible speed, so you get ever more opportunities — every day. Now you can even create a personal website in half an hour or so. For this there exist special Content Management Systems, or CMS. One of the most popular among them is WordPress. It has a lot of important […]

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Top 20 WordPress E-Commerce Themes

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WordPress Platform for E-Commerce Since its appearance, WordPress has changed a lot. Till now it stays a perfect blogging platform, but new developments and improvements have made it possible to use WordPress for other purposes, too. One of the most interesting type of web sites you can make using WordPress is eCommerce. Mainly these are […]

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Dynamic vs Static Web Sites

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All web pages are divided into static and dynamic by the “behaviour” of documents in a browser. Also, these terms are often used for dividing the documents on static and dynamic by the mode of document creation. For our article we’ll need the first definition. What Are Static Web Sites? A static HTML page is […]

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What is cPanel for PHP Hosting?

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Any hosting package requires good administering and support. The instruments used for simplifying the process of hosting administration are called Control Panels. One of the most popular control panels provided with many PHP hosting plans is cPanel. The convenient cPanel helps you solve a lot of tasks connected with web hosting and your site. To […]

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What is Unlimited PHP Hosting?

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When you decide to start a new web project, thinking about web hosting is inevitable. But when you’ll start the hunt for good offers, you’ll be surprised that many web host companies offer Unlimited PHP Hosting. Really, this is a very interesting offer that gives you bandwidth, domains, traffic, e-mails, databases – and all this […]

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Why You Need PHP Hosting?

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Are you planning to start a new web project? Well, then you should read this review about PHP Hosting. There is one serious reason for this – PHP hosting will help you create and manage a top-class project bringing a lot of joy both to you and your customers. In this article we’ll speak about […]