20 Free WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs

Are you an expert in some exciting area? Then you should try and share your experience with others! Moreover, this noble thing can give you a good return as well. 20 Free WordPress Themes for Personal Blogs Today you can use numerous web tools to represent your ideas and knowledge to the world. Probably, the best path you can choose is creating a personal blog, which is a kind of a diary used for sharing your content.

There are several ways to start a blog, but two main ones suggest using an online platform or a self-hosted website. The first path is good, but if you want to create a really unique and independent blog, we advise you to get a personal website. Apart from other advantages, self-hosted blogs are quite easy to develop and run. Just install a content management system, and administering your project will become incredibly easy.

Use WordPress for Blogs

From the long list of Content Management Systems (or just CMSs) we’d like to drive your attention to WordPress. Now it belongs to the most popular blogging platforms, and with much reason for this, we should say. WordPress was originally created as a base for blogs, so now it is just perfect for running your personal blog. In addition, you’ll get lots of stylish themes and useful wordpress plugins.

How to Choose WordPress Themes?

So, have you decided to use WordPress for creating an independent self-hosted blog? Well, then you’ll have to make it really stylish. For this WordPress CMS offers you a great set of themes. Your remember us saying WordPress is specially good for personal blogs? You’ll understand it’s obvious right after you try to find a good WP theme for your blog-to-be.

Really, if you google, you’ll find lots of attractive WP templates for blogs. Choosing a good blog theme is quite a challenging affair, indeed. That’s why we have composed for you a nice set of gorgeous WordPress themes for personal blogs. Moreover, all themes in our list are absolutely free! Just install one, and start sharing your ideas instantly. So, here we go:

1. Brownsville Free WordPress Theme

This bright high quality WordPress theme has everything you need for a successful blog. You can choose between different exciting headers, footers, sidebars, etc. Being absolutely free, Brownsville WordPress theme is a great choice for a modern and trendy blog. Apart from basic features, the theme will also support many widgets and help you integrate elegant social sharing buttons into the blog.

Brownsville Free WordPress Theme

2. Quantez Free WordPress Theme

Quantez is an absolutely free WordPress theme with quite an unusual design. It looks really modern and eye-catching. Probably the best way to use this theme would be sharing content of all kinds. With Quantez you can show the world your favourite music, exciting videos, bright pictures, and, of course, unique texts. No need to speak about the advantages of this theme — just try it to understand how great Quantez is!

Quantez Free WordPress Theme

3. Gleam Free WordPress Theme

This nice and modern theme has great graphics and a decent set of important WordPress functions. The space theme makes Gleam good for games-related blogs. With this template you will get several must-have widgets including Twitter Trends, Banner Ads, Sidebar Video, Social Sharing Buttons, etc. All these tools, in addition to great design, will help you create a really powerful blog with great potential.

Gleam Free WordPress Theme

4. Skeptical Free WordPress Theme

Skeptical WordPress theme has a restrained design and a good set of additional features. This option will suit you perfectly well if want to start a writer’s blog or your personal diary. Also, this theme offers a decent set of templates for Contact Form, Image Gallery, Sitemap, Archive and many other pages. Some design solutions implemented in Skeptical make it look really unique, and this will add some bonus points to your blog.

Skeptical Free WordPress Theme

5. Simplista Free WordPress Theme

Oh, you will surely like this kid. It has just everything you need for a good blog. You will surely enjoy its 2-column layout, user-friendly theme panel, special menu for category scrolling, and WP 3.0 compatibility. Some basic templates (well designed, of course) are also included. Add hereto the sophisticated bluish design of Simplista WordPress theme, and you’ll get a fantastic combination for a successful blog project.

Simplista Free WordPress Theme

6. Respo Free WordPress Theme

This amazing WP theme has a basic set of features, and a very important bonus — it’s responsive! Responsive themes identify if your readers use a mobile device, and adjust screen width to respective gadgets. Respo WordPress theme will be a perfect choice for blogs about hi-tech, IT and games. The reason is obvious — people searching info on these topics tend to use mobile phones and tablets a lot, so the theme will do a great job.

Respo Free WordPress Theme

7. Glassical Free WordPress Theme

A stunning theme, indeed. It has two columns, works perfectly well with widgets, and supports the special Nested comment system of WordPress. Also, this theme is good for promotion, and offers you two banner-ready places — in the header and in the sidebar. All-in-all, this theme has mild design, which enables you to use it for any blog type — just share what you want, non-stop.

Glassical Free WordPress Theme

8. Pure Line Free WordPress Theme

This clean blog theme will add a note of professionalism to your blog. Its plain design underlines the importance of content in your blog, and this will seem attractive to many readers. Along with catchy design you will get a nice set of functions including nice sharing buttons, some basic widgets and convenient template manager. Another good thing is that you can switch between 1- and 2-column modes in Pure Line WP theme.

Pure Line Free WordPress Theme

9. Rainbow Free WordPress Theme

Quite a plain WordPress theme, which, however, has anything you might need for a nice blog. Rainbow offers decent and bright design that will fit for sharing information with kids or their parents. Right after installing the theme you’ll get an elegant interface, convenient navigation tools, and several basic widgets like Tag Cloud, Calendar and Recent Posts.

Rainbow Free WordPress Theme

10. Mono Columnist Free WordPress Theme

Finally, a minimalist theme for printed book lovers! The theme has an absolutely plain 1-column design, and works best for writers and poets. No sidebars or widgets will bother your readers. Plain text is something people often miss on the web. By choosing the Mono Columnist WP theme you make a serious step, and the unique style you opt for can give you excellent dividends in future.

Mono Columnist Free WordPress Theme

11. Bueno Free WordPress Theme

One of the biggest advantages of this theme is the admin-friendliness. If you’re new to WordPress, the grid-based design of Bueno will help you customize numerous options with great ease. Also, this is a great platform for a high commercial start — you’ll get a built-in ad banner manager, so ads will give you profit right from the start. And, of course, don’t forget about the attractive design featuring 7 color schemes!

Bueno Free WordPress Theme

12. Koi Free WordPress Theme

Koi is a modern and sophisticated way to share your ideas. Soft and colourful design of this theme will match a blog about art, handmade, beauty or travelling. And, of course, you’ll get all key functions of a good blog — several important widgets, social sharing module and 22 ready layouts with exciting page markups. Beyond any doubt, this stunning WordPress theme is worth trying!

Koi Free WordPress Theme

13. Lanvin Eclat Free WordPress Theme

Lanvin Eclat is an eye-catching theme that can serve both for a blog and for a photo gallery. Its special start page module drags your attention at once, and works for promoting top pages of your blog. Other exquisite options of the theme include a set of good widgets (social sharing buttons, banner ads, popular posts, calendar, meta data, etc), convenient layout manager and a lot more.

Lanvin Eclat Free WordPress Theme

14. Pink Touch 2 Free WordPress Theme

And here we have another minimalist WordPress theme! It has one column and allows you to share texts, photos, tables, multiple choice blocks and quotes. Along with wide set of sharing options you get a stylish silver design with cool fonts and a soft touch of magenta. Pink Touch 2 will be great for a writer’s column, or for a blog about your life. In any case, its smart layout may become your perk.

Pink Touch 2 Free WordPress Theme

15. Cool Blue Free WordPress Theme

This theme is really worth your attention! It has 3 columns, and though the leftmost one is used for post details, the layout looks quite interesting and drags the readers’ attention. Numerous common content options will open before you many opportunities for sharing great pictures, texts, quotes, etc. Cool Blue is good for making a high start. It has all you need — several key widgets, smart design and all basic blog tools.

Cool Blue Free WordPress Theme

16. Swedish Greys Free WordPress Theme

This great theme will match pure bloggers. It has a very unique start page view with small blocks representing all your recent posts. Social sharing buttons are also included, as they’re extremely important for successful bloggers. This smooth design could fit a company blog, but you are free to choose the area of using the Swedish Greys WP theme. Also, you might like the possibility to choose between 1- and 2-column modes.

Swedish Greys Free WordPress Theme

17. Manifest Free WordPress Theme

And again a theme for those who want to make their blog look like a printed book! Unlike several other themes of the kind, you will also get a menu in the upper part, which extends your possibilities and keeps the classic view at once. Of course, this theme would be perfect for writers and poets — the people who don’t want readers to distract from the deep sense of their exciting texts.

Manifest Free WordPress Theme

18. GoPress Free WordPress Theme

GoPress is a full-fledged WordPress template that will enable fast and successful development of your website. The theme has several nice widgets like slideshow or banner adds, and works both in 1- and 2-column mode. The clean design of GoPress will help you develop a great corporate blog or a featured content website. Actually, as for a free WP theme, it has a great set of functions.

GoPress Free WordPress Theme

19. Nuava Free WordPress Theme

And of course, we couldn’t but say a couple of words about hipster blogs. Really, this is a progressive area, and if you start a blog about something non-mainstream, you should choose this WordPress theme. Apart from dozens of important features, it has smart and unusual design. Basically, this theme will be perfect for sharing bright pictures and videos that really impress people.

Nuava Free WordPress Theme

20. Satoshi Free WordPress Theme

Another free WP theme with all basic functions. By installing Satoshi you’ll get 1-, 2- or 3-column view, a block for 4 banner ads, a nice contact form, and a lot more. What is good about Satoshi WordPress theme is its plain design. You can use the black, red and white color scheme for almost any type of blogs. However, the best way to use this template will probably be starting a business-related blog.

Satoshi Free WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme?

So, have you’ve chosen several WordPress themes you want to try? If the answer is positive, you should now learn how to install them to your blog. Well, there’s nothing complicated about it, but still sthere are some peculiarities. There are to main paths to choose. One is manual installation, the other is automatic installation. Of course, we suggest you to choose the automatic mode for faster and easier process.

So, to install a WordPress theme, go to your www.yourdomain.com/admin page, and choose the Appearance menu. Under it you will find the Themes category, and the Install Themes tab. Press it, and you’ll be offered to find the theme you like by name, or upload a .zip archive with theme files you’ve previously downloaded to your PC. Basically, that’s it — nothing difficult, eh?

How to Install a WordPress Theme?


So, we’ve provided you a lot of information about WordPress themes. Hopefully, you’ve found what you were looking for. In any case, you can always refer to our article again in case you decide to choose a new WordPress theme for your blog. The final advice – share your ideas wisely, and the readers will adore you! Good luck, and stay tuned!