10 PHP Tips for Beginners

PHP is a coding language that powers some giant web projects of the modern world. For instance, WordPress and Facebook use php web hosting, and provide really topnotch services to the whole world. One of the biggest advantages of PHP is that it’s easy to learn. So, if you want to join the coding world, PHP is quite a good way to do it.

Advantages of PHP Coding

Advantages of PHP Coding

As we’ve already said, learning PHP is quite easy. Actually, you can use it as a front door leading to the world of numerous programming languages. Also, thanks to huge friendly PHP coders community, you will get good support and answers for almost any question — whenever you need.

If you plan to make a good career with PHP, you have great chances for success. This coding language has close connections with many other areas of web development, and after some time you may also get important web master, web designer and other skills. This will obviously result in good promotion. Everything depends on your motivation, so man yourself, and do it!

Top 10 Tips for Beginning PHP Coders

So, as you see, becoming PHP-aware can result in great professional and personal growth. However, the hardest thing ever is to make the first step. And when you’ll finally cross the start line, you’ll need good support. To make your PHP coding easier, we’ve collected 10 motivating tips that will provide you a better view of many important things in the world big of PHP coding. So, here we go:

1. More Bravery — Join the PHP World!

One of the most important advice we can share with you is “Just Do It!”. Indeed, PHP is not so hard as it may seem. To make sure of it, get into the basics. You will surely enjoy exciting advantages of PHP including fast coding, great developers community and numerous opportunities. Even if some poor PHP code works, it works. Knowing this programming system will help you — you just never know when it may happen.

More Bravery — Join the PHP World!

2. Try Object-Oriented Programming First

To make a good start, we’d advise you to start with OOP. This method is good for non-tech people who want to start coding. It will help you understand the theory of programming better. Alongside, you can study other key areas including version control, test-driven programming, design basics, debugging, etc. After becoming more familiar with some theoretical basics of programming, PHP will be a lot easier to learn.

Try Object-Oriented Programming First

3. Try Frameworks

Creating codes from scratch may turn out a challenging thing, especially if you’re new to PHP. That’s why we advise to browse the web in search of some frameworks. Examine the work of other coders to get a clearer picture of how PHP works. Also, working with frameworks will save a lot of time for beginners.

Try Frameworks

4. Get Involved in Open-Source Projects

Open-source web projects are your key to success. As soon as learn basics, try your theoretical skills in field. Open-source projects are always open to new developers, and help you grow improve. Moreover, while working on OS projects you’ll be able to consult other coders and get important knowledge from them.

Get Involved in Open-Source Projects

5. Use Pros’ Experience

This is obvious. If you want to become a successful PHP developer, you have to know the leaders of the area. Read some bios of renowned PHP coders. This will not only inspire you, but also give the understanding of how successful developers work.

Use Pros' Experience

6. Practice Makes Perfect

As soon as you accumulate some practical skills, try to contribute to a major project. Compose a CV, and send it everywhere. As soon as you are accepted for a certain job, even if it’s paid not that well, jump in and start broadening your skills. But first get to know the code, the developers team, and the target audience. With this knowledge your PHP coding will be more efficient and rewarding.

Practice Makes Perfect

7. Find a Good Mentor

Many freshers are very enthusiastic when they start PHP coding. However, as soon as they face a big problem, their inner fire starts fading. To omit this sad case, find a mentor. This may be your friend, or a lecturer in the university, or some coder you’ve heard a lot about. The main point is to make sure the mentor is also motivated to help you with perfecting PHP skills.

Find a Good Mentor

8. Test-Driven Coding — Your Way to Success

Test-driven development is a fantastic method that will help you code like a pro. It is based on creating “test cases” and producing codes for them. In fact, test-driven coding results in faster programming with better results. Other two methods that will also help you improve coding skills are encapsulation and source control.

Test-Driven Coding — Your Way to Success

9. Get Familiar with Data Storage

Get additional skills that will assist you in delivering better PHP codes. Spend a couple of days on reading materials about data storage and SQL. These two areas are closely bound with PHP, so being aware of their peculiarities is, actually, a must. Moreover, if you plan to grow as coder, developing SQL databases will take quite a lot of time in your PHP career.

Get Familiar with Data Storage

10. Join a PHP Community

As we’ve already stated above, PHP is a big community of coders living all over the world. The best thing is that everyone in this community has been a fresher like you. This means you’ll find many friendly and devoted helpers eager to share their PHP coding experience with you. But remember to google before you ask, as there are tons of answers on the web, and finding them is easy as a pie.

Join a PHP Community


PHP coding is a good way to enter the world of programming. We are sure our tips will help you make a high start, and become an efficient coder. Moreover, you see that the things we advise are not that hard to implement. Reading articles and communicating with other PHP coders will be useful in terms of new knowledge, but also you’ll get a lot of joy and fun.