10 Best Photo Gallery Themes for WordPress

In the modern world of Internet-based marketing, having a website is a must. Especially, if you’re a photographer. You have probably seen many photo masers’ web galleries. They look shiny, bright and elegant. What is interesting, you can also make a website like that. With the possibilities of content management systems you can even make it yourself, and it won’t take much time.

WordPress CMS — How It Works?

WordPress CMS — How It Works?

As we’ve just said, trying a content management system (or just CMS) would be a good way to make a high start. Installing this kind of platform to your web hosting will give you almost endless possibilities. Due to user-friendliness, these systems help you easily create and manage your personal photo gallery.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs. Originally it was created for bloggers, but now the system has developed a lot. Today by purchasing a photo gallery theme for this platform you can start your own website without much effort. In addition to great design, you are suggested to try lots of useful wordpress plugins that will help to promote your website, and make it more user-friendly.

How to Make Use of WordPress Themes?

As we have already told, today WordPress is a multi-purpose platform. You can use it for a blog, an eCommerce project, a writer’s column, and as a photo gallery, of course. To use it for one of these purposes you’ll have to choose a proper WordPress theme, which is a kind of template with a set of relevant features. For instance, photo gallery themes always have stylish design, several photo sharing templates and some useful categorization tools.

Check Best WordPress Themes

If you’ve decided to try and create a WordPress-powered photo gallery, you’ll have to choose a decent theme. However, the task is not so easy, as you’ll find hundreds of options on the web. For you not to spend hours searching for the best template, we have selected 10 great themes that certainly have all you need for a great photo gallery website.

1. Expression Photography WordPress Theme

A perfect image gallery, indeed. Apart from all basic features you’ll get some exciting bonuses. First of all, Expression Photography has an incredible start page module. Coded with AJAX, it provides great graphics along with brief photo comments and action buttons. You already like it, right? Wait a moment — that’s not the end. The theme is also responsive, i.e. adopted for both desktop and mobile users. A perfect image gallery, indeed.

Expression Photography WordPress Theme

2. Fashion WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme can be used not only as a photo gallery, but as model’s portfolio, too. Stylish interface will make your start page photos look even more attractive. Also, the start page tool of Fashion will protect your copyright well. The template is also responsive. This feature will certainly help you to create a competitive photo gallery. Ever more users browse from mobile devices today, so it’s important to follow the trend.

Fashion WordPress Theme

3. Atlas WordPress Theme

With Atlas theme you will get lots of exciting options. Four homepage styles, fullscreen slideshows, font manager, 2-6 column views — this is only a brief list of the advantages you’ll enjoy in this theme. As for photos, you will be able to choose from 6 gallery views. Moreover, you can even apply different looks to different categories. Just try this theme, and you’ll like it!

Atlas WordPress Theme

4. DeepFocus WordPress Theme

A great choice for a stylish photo gallery website. Several exciting modules including a stunning slideshow will make your photographers’ blog look really unique. You work with different styles? No problem! The theme suggests 5 smooth backgrounds that will underline the colours of your images. Other great functions of DeepFocus include responsive markup, 5+ page templates, localization-friendliness, and a lot more.

DeepFocus WordPress Theme

5. Chocolate WP WordPress Theme

This theme will astonish your web gallery visitors. It suggests several exciting 3D effects, and really powerful visual options including a start page video. Fullscreen slideshows, incredible gallery templates, extensive multi-column options, image comments — all this you’ll get at quite a reasonable price. And, of course, Chocolate WP is responsive, which will make your website even better.

Chocolate WP WordPress Theme

6. Envisioned WordPress Theme

An elegant theme with all basic features you’ll need for a nice photo gallery website. Install an exciting slideshow module on the start page, use one of 8 ready sitemaps, or run a blog in addition to the gallery — all this is possible with Envisioned WordPress theme. In addition to all attractive design features, you’ll get 5 catchy colour schemes applicable to the whole theme.

Envisioned WordPress Theme

7. Responsive Fullscreen Studio WordPress Theme

This theme is a perfect choice both for a photo gallery and for a portfolio website. You will definitely like its slideshow start page, elegant menu bar, and several decent widgets. What is important, you’ll get a nice social sharing module with the purchase. The template is fully responsive, and some its modules use HTML5, which is great for lower traffic and more mobile visitors.

Responsive Fullscreen Studio WordPress Theme

8. Pacifico WordPress Theme

Pacifico is an amazing WordPress template that will become a perfect mate on your way to success. Probably the most attractive feature that will catch anyone’s attention is a great animated slideshow. It’s installed at your home page, and drags the sight at once. Several layout options will also serve you a good job. This theme has all you need — great galleries, 8 skins, 25 styled widgets, stunning admin panel, and a lot more.

Pacifico WordPress Theme

9. Victoria Portfolio WordPress Theme

Another good example of a theme that catches the visitors’ attention at the start page already. You’ll surely like its page markups, nice categorization tools, and the possibility to add an extensive description for every photo.

Victoria Portfolio WordPress Theme

10. Galeria WordPress Theme

With several nice gallery modules and a nice slideshow mode, Galeria is definitely worth your attention. Apart from all features you’ll need for a nice gallery, you’ll also like several multi-column modes, and the possibility to share videos along with pics.

Galeria WordPress Theme


Now you see that it’s not hard to start a web gallery from scratch. All you need is a decent WordPress theme, and we hope you’ve picked some nice options from the suggested list. Installing a WordPress theme is also easy as a pie, so don’t hesitate, and share your shots or pictures on the web! That’s not only fun, but a new audience with great potential, too.